Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Competent Communicator Dream

Friends that who know me well know that i am compassionate , passionate individual who is very good with small circle. however butterfly starts flying on my stomach when i have to stand up and make public speech to group of people. i am thinker than communicator , i like to think , think a lot and listen to others than speaking. i had dream of coming out of my comfort zone and speak confidently in front of greater audience. my dream is that i make a great difference in the world through technology , one day i am called to do inspirational speech in front of millions of people. if i am not great communicator and i won't be able to convey my passion and motivate everyone in the audience. 2 Year back , i started going to toastmasters. Toastmasters is a great place to network with other folks who have the same goal of becoming competent communicator. Here i am standing in front of you as competent communicator. Part of my dream come true and other part of making difference and inspiring the younger generation will come true soon.I am working on my advanced manual persuasive speaking and professional speaking.

Are you competent communicator? do you have charisma to attract audience?

Trip to silicon valley

I went back to silicon valley after few years.I worked in silicon valley for Microsoft from June 2001 to Sep 2003. Silicon valley has diverse group of companies and friends who challenges every product that you are developing. After moving to Redmond,WA, life is more monotonous and most of folks that i meet are working for Microsoft. The conversation always starts or ends with microsoft mostly about great products. In my personal opinion i do believe that views are mostly biased on microsoft and the views are very limited since everyone works for same company. i enjoyed the diversity in bay area and i miss the diversity here in redmond.

I do enjoy living in redmond , meeting other smart people in this area. I also like exploring the hiking places in cascades mountain. Going back to silicon valley in May 2008, most of my view towards silicon valley remain unchanged, but my friends have moved on with their life. Most have kids and i am not sure if i move back to silicon valley today , i would have the same great time with friends. i also don't hear much about new startup companies and breakthrough technology in bay area, may be everyone playing it low due to down time in real estate , economy due to gas etc.

Drake's of fortune

I have started playing video games. if you are interested in adventure and exploration , you will enjoy Sony's play station game "Drake's of fortune". I enjoyed playing the game, however i had hard time using the controller. it is not with controller or Game. the game is brilliant, however i am new to gaming. My husband raj is avid gamer and he finished this game in couple days. i hope to practice and make some progress with the game this weekend. more later. share interesting game that you are playing.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Dream to retire early

I have been lately thinking about how to build to positive cash flow from passive investment to retire early. remember retiring early doesn't mean that you should stop working, retirement to me is to not to work for living , rather working for your dreams and for your hobbies. lately i am thinking hard on this , may be this is because i am reaching 30 and aspire to build safe investments, may be i realized that american dream of becoming millionare in a day is less and less appealing just by working for a company. when you work for company , government takes it most part of your income. my first inspiration to get financial freedom is from "Rich Dad and Poor Dad" book. i recommend this to anyone who want to get financial freedom. Imagine immersing yourself in your hobby whenever you want to instead of just doing it in the weekend. my dream is to become entrepreneur and start a company with innovative ideas and breakthrough technology. My passion is start business in high tech industry. BTW, i am planning on reading a book called "The millionare mind" , i will post my thoughts in the next blog. Now , coming back to building positive cash flow from passive investment, here are some ideas that i have been thinking on.

a. Understand your cash flow, knowing your cash flow will help you identify where your money goes. key is to reduce your debt , so that there is some money for you to invest.

b. Set your goals - every financial company will advise you to do this. if you don't know when you want to retire and why you want to retire , you will not make right decisions on investment.

c. Invest in real estate - This is a proven way , i have learned this from my father and from my friends. buy some propoerties and rent it out, this will pay your mortagage if you are taking loan.When you paid off your mortgage, you have house and you have rental income every month with less effort from you. the key is to buy a house in right location where rental opportunity is plenty. think about buying house near major companies , shops , restaurants.

d. Making money in web - Internet and web is unavoidable things in life , Many and Many people are using internet 24 hrs a day. This is potential opportunity to reach out millions of customers. recently people are making money through blogging.

e. starting business - The key to be successful in business is understanding where is the demand , investing in a emerging market at right time. what i think emerging market last year and this year is "service business", "networking community" such as facebook, orkut etc and bio tech industry.

d. Taking control of your spending - Last but not least you need to control your spending. i am not saying that you need to be frugal. you need to enjoy the present, however think about cutting down your unnecessary expentidure.

I love to hear your thoughts, leave comment on what you think about my blog and on building positive cash flow from passive investments.